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Why Outsource to India?

BPO offers a wide range of advantages, which makes it lucrative for the companies too Outsource their non-core activities to the professional service providers.

Getting BPO services from India had an added advantage as
The time zone difference between India and other countries can be used with considerable advantage for providing quick turnaround time.
There are well-recognized Information Technology skills in India.
India has Large pool of computer literate and English speaking professionals.
Strong government support for such activities.
Excellent training infrastructure.
Excellent Telecom infrastructure in major cities.
Outsourced work often involves process improvement and not just process execution.
Cost in India is much lower then the cost at international level.
Companies with significant outsourcing experience have moved or are moving toward a strategy of multiple locations, multiple vendors and a judicious blend of both in-sourced and outsourced models to minimize risks and maximize flexibility.




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